Our guarantee – your security!

– our guarantee is one of the best on the market


The standard guarantee is for a full two years or 30,000 km, whichever occurs first. This guarantee has been developed in order to offer ordinary car owners security in their dealings with us.

Brief overview of the terms and conditions of the guarantee
(Contact us for the full text)
If someone other than STM (or a workshop recommended by STM) carries out the work, you are obliged to ensure that the job is done in a professional manner. A suspected defective gearbox must always be returned to us. In cases where the guarantee is found to apply, the cost of transport will be refunded. The cost incurred when the customer or a third party has installed or removed the gearbox will not be refunded. If STM installed the gearbox, it is covered by the guarantee and will be dealt with in our workshop. If you suspect that the gearbox is faulty, the vehicle should be taken off the road immediately in order to prevent the problem from deteriorating or posing a threat to others. After that you should contact STM for advice.

The guarantee does not cover…
… defects or damage caused by negligence or abnormal use (for example motor racing or towing a trailer above the recommended weight limit). Problems due to faulty installation or caused by another component are also outside the terms of the guarantee. Nor does it cover tuned up cars or vehicles that deviate from the manufacturer’s specifications*. We will not entertain any claims if someone other than STM made changes or modifications during the guarantee period.
* Services with limited or no guarantee
In certain cases we supply a product with a limited or no guarantee. A limited guarantee can apply to an original gearbox that we consider to be of inferior quality. If we accept a customer’s request to deal with such a product, we reserve the right to reduce the guarantee period. Unfortunately, it is difficult for us to improve on the original quality of the gearbox.

If your car is tuned up or modified in some way and you require assistance with your automatic gearbox, we can help you to some extent, but in such cases we offer no guarantee.

Other limitations
Certain guarantee limitations can apply for export customers or customers who use their car as a commercial vehicle. Please contact us for more information.